The winemaking and vineyard team at Xabregas work side by side. However, it is the belief of Paul Hogan, that the alchemy of winemaking takes a back seat to the grape quality coming from the our vineyards of the Xabregas estate. “It has become a cliché but all great wines come not from a great winemaker, but a great vineyard. The grape quality of our vineyards speak for themselves and it is why we do not source grapes from other peoples vineyards, we simply don’t need too.”

“You cannot make a silk purse from a sow’s ear”
Paul Hogan

Our viticultural team is equipped to tend the vineyard in a clean green sustainable manner and at the same time, focus on producing fruit to specification. Says a team leader, "We grow wine, not grapes. It sounds strange but when you walk into this vineyard, it is all about how the grapes taste not about how the vines look."

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